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What is the cost of selling my home with House Buyer Solution SA in San Antonio?
What it costs to sell my house?


A prevalent question which most home sellers ask the experts at House Buyer Solution SA is "How much will selling my home in San Antonio cost me?" There is a different answer for different house owners, due to different factors such as fees, taxes, commissions, and other costs involved in selling your home. Generally, the cost is about 8.25 percent of the sale price of the home in other to sell a house fast in San Antonio.

Below are certain fees and costs involved in the home selling process:

  • Property Taxes - Based on your actual property taxes and the period of the year that you trade your house, you might pay an extra property tax on your home.
  • Escrow Fees - Escrow fees encompasses a variety of costs, ranging from fees to sell your home in San Antonio, to holding the sale funds in trust, to setting up paperwork for the deal, and other essential procedures.
  • Homeowners Association Transfer Fees - If you reside in an HOA, you'll have to transfer the fees paid to the HOA to the homeowner.
  • Home Repairs - Not until your home is being inspected, there will be no way to know how much will be the cost of repairing it and making it eligible for sale.
  • Disclosure Fee - This fee is a fee home sellers are mandated to pay under the San Antonio Board of Realtors® (SABOR) Purchase Contract.
  • Recording Fee - A fee is being paid to record the deed of trust and sale of your home to the Maricopa County Recorder's Office.
  • Title Insurance - This is an insurance being made available by the home seller to the home buyer, in order to make sure that the home title clears to the person who purchases your home in San Antonio.
  • Real Estate Commissions - A Commission is being paid to the real estate brokerage of the agent listing the property. The brokerage then pays the listing agent and the home buyer's agent for time spent in marketing and negotiating offers to sell your home.
  • Home Warranty - Considering the coverage, this fee is either paid to the buy or seller. Home warranty averagely cost $450-$550.

The HUD1 form made available by your escrow company will explain all this cost. House Buyer Solutions SA also provides foreclosure assistance in San Antonio in addition to services planned to sell your house faster. Our San Antonio real estate team will be excited to explain in details these costs in other for you to understand every aspect of your home buying process. For a better understanding on how to buy or sell a house fast in San Antonio, Contact House Buyer Solutions SA today!