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I saw your TV commercial and called immediately. The staff at House Buyer Solutions SA was able to make me a cash offer later that day. I didn't have the time to wait the 10-11 months with a realtor and pay all of the fees and commissions. And I definitely didn't have the $4000-$5000 needed to fix up my home. Your company bought my home "as-is" and was a pleasure to work with. I would recommend your services to anyone. Thank you so much!

Cathy S.
Houston, TX

After falling behind on payments, I began to get nervous about foreclosure. I tried to sell my home with a realtor for 10 months but had no luck. Your company was able to make me a fast cash offer and close on my home within 4 days. House Buyer Solutions SA saved my credit and the equity in my house from foreclosure. But most of all, your company saved my family. I am forever grateful!! Thanks again,

Roberto D.
San Antonio, TX

The convenience of your home buying program was great. My home needed several repairs that I didn't want to deal with. Furthermore, I had moved out creating a vacant home. I started to worry about the neighborhood kids going into my home and destroying it. Then my home owner's insurance company called. They told me that they wouldn't insure a vacant home. That's when I called House Buyer Solutions SA. They made me a fair cash offer, bought my home as is, and closed fast. The process was so easy. The stress is gone and I can now get on with my life. Thanks House Buyer Solutions SA,

Marsha W.
Austin, TX

We purchased a new home in September and planned on having our old home sold within 60 days. Paying two mortgages for 5 months became very expensive. Fortunately we saw House Buyer Solutions SA's advertisement on the internet. They were very prompt and courteous. The staff was able to make us a cash offer with no fees or commissions in the same day. I felt confident going with House Buyer Solutions SA over a national company due to their professionalism and understanding of homes in San Antonio. My family and I thank you very much.

Mike L.
San Antonio, TX